Thursday, December 31, 2009

sports holidays

French Cycling Holidays provides fully supported cycle tours in and around the French Alps and Pyrénées. Join us to ride mountain passes written forever into the history of cycling. Our unparalleled level of support and encyclopaedic knowledge of the mountains, passes and cycling history guarantees that, regardless of your level of cycling experience, you'll have an unforgettable cycling holiday!

We pride ourselves on delivering a 'Blue Riband' service. Dedicated, professional staff are here to ensure that your holiday is fun-filled, challenging and lives up to your expectations - sending you home with your dreams fulfilled is our raison d'être.

Our routes showcase the very best that the French mountains have to offer and have been chosen with great care to provide a challenge to every cyclist regardless of fitness or experience.

Every day starts with a pre-ride briefing where laminated maps are issued. To ensure that no-one is left behind in a mixed-ability group our experienced staff will be right there riding alongside to pass on their encouragement, experience and local knowledge.
Rider Support

Support vehicles accompany every tour; as well as providing a comfortable haven from the rigours of cycling the mountains, our minibuses also function as mobile workshops, safe storage area for clothing and valuables, bike transport and catering car.

For those unforseen mechanical problems, we carry a comprehensive range of bikes, tools and spares to keep you on the road. If you puncture we will replace the wheel just as if you were a seasoned professional. Whilst we offer cycling support throughout the day over the route printed on the tour maps you are entirely at liberty to do your own thing. However the van will stay with the majority of the group to keep you topped up with water, bananas and energy bars, and to be the sag-wagon if you want to take it easy.
Hotels and Cuisine

Accommodation is in luxury hotels and the cuisine, whilst maintaining the highest standards for which our tours are famous, is geared to the nutritional needs of the sporting rider - just because you're riding hard doesn't mean you should have to put up with badly cooked pasta!


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